Attn: make some money!!!

Attention all Patrons who want to make some good money: I have about 10 books from which Im looking to get typed up for me. I am willing to spend up to $1,200 on this. One book has 15 pages to be typed; another has 22; so on and so forth. I am producing a “reader” text of the published books- i.e., taking a chapter out of the book and republishing it in a new book. But I am worse than pathetic as a typist. I can do all of the footnotes at a later time. But I would look to have this: “McCall says blah blah.”24— with the #24 being the footnote for me to fill in later. Lets make some money! I own the books, and have clean copies of them available for you to keep until you are finished with them.

Attn: make some money!!!

2 thoughts on “Attn: make some money!!!

  1. Catherine says:

    I am a professional copyeditor and typesetter for academic books and journals. I would be interested in preparing your manuscripts.


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