Only Moso Bamboo Newsletter #1

Only Moso
Welcome to the first OnlyMoso Newsletter.
We hope you find this monthly newsletter informative and educational as we explore many topics related to commercially farming bamboo in the United States! OnlyMoso USA continues to plant both Asper and Moso Giant Bamboo in the SE, Central and Western United States.  This month we welcome more partners in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas.  Currently we are taking reservations for planting both Asper and Moso Giant Bamboo through the rest of the year as both September and October dates begin to fill up.  Moso has a limited planting window which prohibits planting past the end of October in the less mild climates. For both species of Bamboo our goal is to have plants be in the ground a minimum of 2 months before the first hard freeze to insure the plants have the best possible growing environment.
Only Moso

Our research has shown that each plant needs 1.5 gallons of water or 1/8 of an inch of natural rain in order to thrive. Many partners do not realize the importance of placing the watering emitter EXACTLY at the base of the plant.  Placing the emitter exactly at the base of the plant insures that the water goes exactly where it needs to go: At the root ball which does not tend to move outwards from the mother plant for at least 4 to 6 months.

The importance of this can be seen with every farm we visit and as many of our farmer partners are aware close enough isn’t good enough as not putting the water exactly where we suggest greatly inhibits the growth of the plants and can be very detrimental to the overall plantation.  Please take special care to insure the water is placed where it should be and is working properly to insure success!

News From Italy “Shoots in Olive Oil”

The first partial shoot harvest of giant Moso is complete and has offered some very exciting news. Upon completion of the first partial harvest OnlyMoso created and sold a new product line of “Shoots in Olive Oil”  Our new line was picked up by the largest food distributor in Italy for distribution in Italy and the US. After the initial order was placed Pre-Orders for the product were so strong that OnlyMoso sold out of shoots from the first harvest in less than a week and has already sold the shoots from the 2018 harvest with many more wanting shoots. This news is very exciting for OnlyMoso USA as Italy has requested any additional inventory from our first partial harvest in 2018 be exported to meet demand abroad. OnlyMoso USA is currently working on the infrastructure required to begin the harvesting and sales of both shoots and trunks in the US and plans to finalize partnerships with buyers, brokers and wholesalers by the end of 2017.

Nothing makes us more excited than to see the phenomenal growth and success of our farmer partners. As many of you know, OnlyMoso is doing extensive research in the US, Italy and in China. After analyzing the data we have been able to update our harvest yield projections. One factor that has been extremely important in developing better harvesting yields has been the OnlyMoso USA partnership with Florikan fertilizer.  Florikan is based in Florida and was able to develop a special polymer fertilizer formulated specifically for Asper and Moso Giant Bamboo. This scientific breakthrough has resulted in amazing growth of our mother plants putting us ahead of size and plant density projections by more than 30%. With two different species of bamboo we are fortunate to have two very different examples of growth patterns for bamboo.  Our Asper is a clumping bamboo that will grow very quickly reaching heights of over 10 feet in less than 6 months. Moso bamboo is a running bamboo that must establish itself as a total colony or root bed. Moso bamboo first establishes itself underground forming a solid base before it starts to grow upward at the end of year 3.
Please check our website: for pictures and updated yield charts. Call Bradford McCall today in order to get your Bamboo forest started!
Bradford McCall
1051B Columbus Hwy.
Hawkinsville, GA. 31036
Only Moso Bamboo Newsletter #1

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