I have contracted with Only Moso USA to be an Account Manager in bamboo sales.

I am a third generation GA cotton farmer, with graduate degrees in biology and theology. I have lately assumed the role of the Georgia/South Carolina/Alabama territory salesperson for Only Moso giant bamboo. Only Moso brand bamboo is a promising alternative to the beleaguered stalwarts of old in GA, SC, and AL, i.e. cotton and peanuts. It offers premium fiber potential, potent application in the construction industry, and manifold opportunities in the area of textiles, to name a few. Globally, it is projected to be a 62 billion dollar business the physical year 2016. We are at the advent of this revolution in North America, being about 20 years behind China, 6 years behind Italy, and 2 years behind other parts of Europe. Having said the aforementioned, I am providing a link below to the corporate website which delineates this opportunity further. For a one-time nominal fee of $20,000.00 per acre, one can generate nearly $14,000.00 per year in perpetuity, taking 66% of the available crop each year, of course fluctuating on market cycles.

Moreover, see what we have to offer in our Agriculture Wealth Building Programs
Create Your Own OnlyMoso Bamboo Farm:
1. We Will Company Finance 50% Plantation Costs at 0% Interest until a FULL harvest is produced
2.Discounts on Large Farms and High Density Purchases
3. Estimated annual ROI on fully harvested acres 5k up to 29k Per Acre Per Year

***UPDATE: As of 4/13/17, I am happy to say that we now have also worked out our 30% down financing deal.

The details are in the attached file, which one may download. I ask you to contact me for further details:

Bradford McCall


Basically, the following is now the case when you buy plants from us:

*** The initial cost of the plants will be reduced to $12/plant with the remaining $28/plant being due at first full harvest (fifth or sixth year, depending upon climate, etc.).

*** 7% interest only payment on the balance of the plant cost must be made on annual basis.

*** There will be a 10 Year Buy Back agreement which is mandatory to participate in this program.

*** Shipping charges are detailed in the attached file, but are in summary $500.00 for anywhere in FL, $1,000.00 for GA & AL, and $1,500.00 for other locales like SC, NC, LA, MS, and TX.

*** The first year’s fertilizer is mandatory and will be provided at time of plant delivery for a cost of $225/acre.

Only Moso.30 percent Financing 41217

Its All About the Numbers

bradford mccall



*** Call me anytime, as the above number rings to my hip. I am willing and able to travel all over the Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama territories. No where is too far for me to go, however. If you live in another area of the country, and if you are serious about doing business, I WILL come to you!!!

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I have contracted with Only Moso USA to be an Account Manager in bamboo sales.

3 thoughts on “I have contracted with Only Moso USA to be an Account Manager in bamboo sales.

  1. The prospective timeline regarding the production of Moso bamboo is clearly delineated. It offers, in sum, a much better return on your investment — and quicker — than pine trees, for example.


  2. Cade Broussard says:

    Hi, my name is CadeBroussard, and I saw your ad on craigslist. I have a 3000 acre rice, and crawfish farm, in Nome Tx. Was interested in talking to someone about the halls business.


    1. Greetings Cade,
      I assume you mean to refer to the bamboo business. I would love to speak with you further regarding this opportunity. I am not sure where Nome TX is located, but if we could talk over the phone first, I might be able to find out! Give me a call:
      Bradford McCall: 478-636-3334


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