McCall Gets Book Contract

Glorious news! Bradford McCall has acquired a book contract with Wipf & Stock. I am going to be published book author!!! Good news indeed. My book, which is now under contract, will be entitled, “A Modern Relation of Theology and Science Assisted by Emergence and Kenosis.” I am exceedingly happy.

Its been an awesome two months, what, with me getting into Claremont School of Theology for their PhD in Process Studies, and now getting this book contract. What more can God do for me? God is good all the time. All the time my God is good.

McCall Gets Book Contract

McCall Video for the 24hrs. of Uncontrolling Love Facebook Event

Go to my Facebook page,McCall Facebook Page, to see my informative (yet embarrassing) live Facebook event for the 24hrs. of Uncontrolling Love event in support of Thomas Jay Oord’s newest book, to which I am a contributor. Almost all of the contributors to this newest title, Uncontrolling Love: Essays Exploring the Love of God, with Introductions by Thomas Jay Oord, edited by Lisa Michaels and Craig Drurey, amongst others, will be participating in a 24hr. live telethon-like event on Facebook live.

We are trying to gin up interest in this new title, in part, by conducting a 24hr. event on Facebook live.

The book’s Facebook page is here: Facebook Uncontrolling Love. Here, the contributors are posting 24 hours of their live events, and also discussing pertinent ideas related to the book.

The book’s page on is here: Uncontrolling Love.

McCall Video for the 24hrs. of Uncontrolling Love Facebook Event

How Bamboo Grows

Check out this informative pdf about How Bamboo Grows.


How Bamboo Grows 81117.docx

Advantages to becoming an OnlyMoso Partner

Invest in Giant Bamboo Farming


Only Moso Bamboo: The Miracle Plant

10 Year Gross Income Chart for Asper Species Bamboo as of 6/01/17

10 Year Gross Income Chart Moso Species Bamboo 6/01/17

OnyMoso USA Grower Questionnaire:


Why are the Moso Bamboo Plants so Expensive?

How Bamboo Grows